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How do I find Wellers Rock?

At 821 Harrington Point Road, on the Otago Peninsula, approximately a 45 minute drive from Dunedin city. Co-ordinates are 45° 47.826 South, 170° 42.948 East. For more information, see the description for our One Hour Wildlife Cruise in the Wildlife Tours section. Closest street address is 820 Harington Point Road. 

Where is your office in the city?

At 20 Fryatt Street, Dunedin. 45° 52.771 South, 170° 30.429 East

Will it be rough?

These are the Roaring 40's and it can be rough - that's why the albatross live here. It can be rough if there is a strong north easterly wind against an outgoing tide.  In a south westerly storm the skippers don't go so far out, and Taiaroa Head gives shelter.  We advise you to take sea-sickness precautions if you are sensitive. 

Will it be cold?

Sometimes, and that is why we supply jackets. A cool and windy day can often mean great viewing, as that is the weather the wildlife love the best. They rest in the heat and the sun. 

What is the best time of the year to see albatross?

We are lucky to have viewing all year round. Sometimes flying overhead, sometimes flying with the boat and sometimes landing beside us on the water.  Up on the headland you might see adult birds mating and courting or juvenile birds "partying," (spring) parents with chicks (summer-winter), or big chicks practicing for the first flight (winter-spring).  

Are the tours suitable for people with limited mobility?

The One Hour Wildlife Cruise as well as the Otago Peninsula Wildlife Tour are available for people with limited mobility. As there is some walking involved at Penguin Place, our Otago Peninsula Wildlife Tour with Penguins as well as the Full Day Packages with Penguin Place, are not so suitable for people with limited mobility.

Will I see penguins?

Yes if you're on our Half Day and Full Day tour options, these tours include the Yellow Eyed Penguin reserve at Penguin Place.

When are the penguins there?

All year round - the Yellow Eyed Penguins nest from early September and are in the reserve all day until late March when the chicks leave the nest. Viewing from April to August is best from mid afternoon. Our winter timetable can include a 3.45pm tour at Penguin Place..

Will we see sharks?

Very occasionally we see sharks.

What's the maximum age for a child?

Child is 5 to 14yrs (under 5 free)